Property Law updates in Portugal

Buying Property in Portugal as a Foreigner

As a percentage of the population, Portugal has an unusually high number of homeowners, standing at about 75% of the population. This is about 10% higher than the US and the UK. A large number of foreigners already live in Portugal.  Some are expat professionals, some are retirees, while others are digital nomads. Many of them ... Read More

Pitfalls buying Property in Portugal

If you are interested in buying property in Portugal, you should be aware that some issues could potentially arise, which we detail below:   Who owns the property to be sold? First, you must find out if the owners of the property are the real owners and that the property has no debts or else you could find yourself respons... Read More

Property Buying Costs in Portugal

Aggregate costs can ruin a good plan; accordingly, you should spend time familiarising yourself with the costs related to buying property in Portugal. While costs are not the only pitfalls when buying property in Portugal, before putting in an offer on a house, it is important to be aware of the aggregate costs of buying a pr... Read More

Property Tax in Portugal

Take into account Property Tax in Portugal if you are thinking about buying a House or a Land there, it is important to understand the costs involved - including government taxes. The first step before buying a property is to get a NIF  (Portuguese Fiscal Identifier Number) to be able to sign the public deed and to facilita... Read More

Buying Property in Portugal after Brexit

To begin with, it should be made clear, buying property in Portugal after Brexit is certainly possible. Despite the fact that we deep into Brexit "territory"; more than 3 years after the referendum that decided Brexit, the United Kingdom left the European Union (EU) on 31 January 2020, after which the Exit Agreement negotiated b... Read More

Selling a House in Portugal

Many buyers and sellers are unaware of their obligations with regard to the costs of the process of buying and selling property in Portugal. This can lead to stress and tension between the parties and even influence the decision to buy or sell a property. Whether you are a Buyer or a Seller, both parties have associated costs: ... Read More

Capital Gains Tax Portugal

What is Capital gains? Capital gains is a tax term that corresponds to the profit obtained by the seller on the sale of an asset, most typically real property. It is calculated by subtracting the sales value from the purchase price and charges. Capital gains tax applies when selling any Portuguese property bought after 1988. ... Read More

Buying a House in Portugal

Whether you are an investor looking for a good deal or a non-resident individual looking to buy a house in Portugal, there are many good reasons to do so, however, there are also many pitfalls that you need to be careful of. Below you will find a general overview of the correct steps to take, while we provide more details on spe... Read More

NHR Status Portugal

The Non-Habitual Residents Tax Regime (NHR) New residents can benefit from the Non-Habitual Residents Tax Regime (NHR). Requirements for NHR Status Portugal Not having been a Portuguese tax resident in the five years prior to the request. And, Become a Portuguese tax resident. (i.e: remain for more than 183 days in P... Read More

Portuguese Property Law

The conveyancing process in Portugal can be quite straightforward - as long as you receive appropriate independent professional guidance. If you have searched online for the ideal property then you may know that the first thing you will need to do is to get your Portuguese NIF number (fiscal number). This is quite straightfor... Read More

Buying Property in Portugal: the how-to Legal Guide

TABLE OF CONTENTSAbout this GuideInformation you’ll need when buying a second-hand property in PortugalWhat if it is a new property rather than second-hand?Vendors' legal and financial obligations towards buyersThe Promissory ContractThe Property DeedsOn what basis may a contract for purchase be legally withdrawn?What fees, ta... Read More

Best Places to Buy in Spain

The Spanish Housing MarketWhile the motivation for most foreign buyers of Spanish property tends to come about as a result of having visited Spain as a holiday destination on one or more occasions, and had a wonderful experience, if you really want to buy property in Spain, then you need to take off the holiday sombrero and make... Read More