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Business Law & Accounting Services
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VAT Registration Italy

In order to perform a commercial or professional activity in Italy that is not merely temporary, you need to register for the purposes of VAT (IVA in Italian). In order to trade you need to have a VAT number. In order to get it, you may apply at the tax office or have an accountant request it for you. Once you have a VAT numb... Read More

IRAP Italy

IRAP is a regional tax that needs to be paid in addition to corporate tax (IRES) or personal income tax (IRPEF) by most taxpayers that do business. All companies and partnerships have to pay it, individuals (sole proprietors) who perform commercial activities have to pay it, while professionals have to pay it only if they per... Read More

The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Commercial Agreements in Italy

The international health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has inevitably had negative impacts on business, both at domestic and international level. In the context of supply chain processes (such as distribution, agency, sale and purchase agreements) unforeseen events may occur (or actually occurred) which make the fulf... Read More

Italy Business Setup: How to Succeed

The main decision you will need to make after having decided to set up a business in Italy is: should you set up a limited company or as a sole trader?Both have benefits and drawbacks. Here we will look at the differences between the two so that you can decide on which is the most appropriate for your business in Italy.Sole Trad... Read More

Costs related to Setting-up an SRL in Italy

Srl stands for Società e Responsabilità Limitata and is the equivalent of a limited company in the UK or Ireland. The main advantage associated with an srl is that it provides limited liability to shareholders, as opposed to partnerships where partners are typically fully liable liable without limit. Advantages An s... Read More

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