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Client testimonials

"Our lawyer was an excellent advocate. He was always available and very helpful. His English is excellent as well. Highly recommend working with him to anyone :)"

Rachael Barber (Mar 20, 2019)
Client testimonials

"Very professional, honest and reliable person. I'm very grateful for dedication and support throughout the years!"

Ivanna Moore (Jun 18, 2019)
Client testimonials

"Very experienced and professional. Could not do enough to help us with the matter in hand. Would recommend this lawyer to everyone. Great service thanks!"

Alan Ragsdale (Sep 21, 2019)
Client testimonials

"Total support from start to finish in our application for a Residency certificate. Our overwhelming feeling is total satisfaction of our lawyer's work!"

Charles (Apr 30, 2021)
Client testimonials

"Navigating the bureaucratic complexities of a post-Brexit residency application was a stress-free experience with our lawyer from Advocate Abroad. Thank you very much!"

Prepare For English (Sep 14, 2021)
Client testimonials


Rosa was extremely professional and responsive and was able to clearly explain and help us through the residency process and answered any questions that we had.
I would highly recommend her!


Sarah Mcgough (Nov 09, 2021)
Client testimonials

"Rafael in Sevilla helped my husband & I through the EU residency process. He was very proactive with gaining our appointments quickly, accompanying us to all appointments as our Spanish is still a work in progress and keeping us informed of the process from beginning to end.

We would fully recommend Rafael."

Ciara Mills (Jan 14, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Very professional and friendly service and unseen dedication. Recommendation from the bottom of my heart!"

Lidija K (Jan 18, 2022)
Client testimonials

"My lawyer was responsive and engaged and always willing to help. All the things went smoothly and he explained all the caveats. I highly recommend his services."

Tomasz Weglinski (Jan 18, 2022)
Client testimonials

"My lawyer was very helpful to us during the process of my residency application. He always answered any doubts or questions we had. Excellent value for money and would not hesitate to contact him again in the future."

Lauren Smith (Jan 19, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Our lawyer was very responsive and responsible. He never ignored my email and what’s app message. Sometimes he replies in minutes. He is very nice, informative and advises the best. I highly recommend Advocate Abroad for any legal issues."

Zahid M (Jan 31, 2022)
Client testimonials

"My lawyer is a Godsend. Trustworthy, diligent, knowledgeable, punctual (when answering emails), persistent, and sincere are adjectives I would use to describe him. I wholeheartedly recommend getting in touch with him if you need a legal representative."

Gregory Elliott (Jan 31, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Our lawyer was charming, professional, quick to respond, gave us confidence and her fees were fair. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend her."

Bernard Collins (Feb 01, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Miguel was fantastic in all respects!"

John Behr (Feb 02, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Our lawyer was extremely helpful in assisting me with my Spanish residency application. Very responsive, professional, and knowledgeable. Strongly recommend her services!"

Kevin Caref (Feb 23, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Consuelo is an excellent advocate abroad. We are very grateful for her help. For the whole experience 5 stars."

Arjan Schaap (Feb 24, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Consuelo provided an excellent service. Consuelo and her team were very responsive to our needs and helped us through any difficulties that arose, providing a very professional service.

I would highly recommend her to my friends and colleagues."

Peter Duffin (Mar 02, 2022)
Client testimonials

"My partner and I were interested in relocating to Portugal and we were lucky to find Advocate Abroad. We worked with Tiago and our experience was incredible.

He was attentive to our needs, knowledgeable and compassionate. He helped us the entire way through the process. I can't imagine going through the visa process without his assistance.

We would recommend Advocate Abroad to anyone applying for a visa in another country."

Mike Lambuth (Mar 03, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Alvaro was very personal and courteous. He was also forthright about what the scope of assistance is and for other inquiries such as on taxes, he offered to refer to other specialists.

Alvaro is a top professional and we grateful for all of his helpfulness."

Vicky Tan (Mar 15, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Sabela is able to build caring and personal relationships with her clients and inspire confidence and trust."

John Mitchell (Mar 16, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Maria was fantastic. So glad I found her

Always there when I needed her, she always called back afterwrds, if she was busy with another client."

Barry French (Apr 28, 2022)
Client testimonials

"My husband found this service after we tried several times to obtain an appointment to get my NIE, the lawyer in charge was Rosa and since we started to work with her the process to get my NIE became smooth and easy.

Everything was clear, transparent and organised. I fully recommend working with them."

Anneth Medina (May 12, 2022)
Client testimonials

"My lawyer was amazing. Every question quickly answered."

Marc (May 19, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Sabela has been very friendly and always respectful towards my personal situation. She understood my situation and questions and was very professional. She always took my needs and wishes into consideration and helped me perfectly according to my needs.

Her report exceeded my expectations and was extremely detailed, with more than I asked step-by-step instruction on how to approach my issue. Definitely worth the money.

She explained anything perfectly and offered solutions I would haven’t thought of before.

It was a pleasure working with her."

Carlota (May 20, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Thanks to Maria-Jose's professionalism and very quick reaction, I was able to make very efficiently my arrangements. It was also a pleasure to meet her - a very kind and helpful person.

Her English proficiency impeccable.

Thank you again! Appreciate all the help.


Agata Pawlik (Jun 09, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Very helpful and informative service answers all your questions quickly and promptly. Will continue to use such services."

Katie Boud (Jun 27, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Thank you to Rafael for helping us clarify how our EU Long Term Resident Permit could help us in moving to Spain.

Rafael was very committed to helping us, asked for all the information he needed, and then provided us with very clear information in a very short period of time.

We are grateful for his dedication and excellent service."

Maryanne Sea (Jun 27, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Was extremely satisfied with the response times and explanations and assistance that we received. No hesitation in using Consuelo for future legal work."

Thomas Thomson (Jun 29, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Firstly, I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I was contacted and given an appointment. In our very first meeting, it was apparent that Maria is not only knowledgeable and professional, but she is obviously a very caring person.

For the first time in several months of dealing with my Residencia problem, I felt relaxed and positive that she would be successful. She kept me informed on every issue and what to expect. I cannot properly express the relief I had when she informed me that my application was approved, and stayed in contact right up to the day I received my new TIE card.

Thank you for connecting me with Maria. You are very lucky to have her on your team."

Jett Smith (Jul 06, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Álvaro was exceptionally helpful and we shall continue to work with him in the future. Highly recommended. Excellent English (fluent). Extremely polite and professional."

Tim Cook (Jul 11, 2022)
Client testimonials

"From the first phone call, Maria put my mind at ease and provided clear steps and options to resolve my immigration issue.

Her advice was comprehensive and very good value. I feel she went above and beyond in empathising with and being adaptable to my changing circumstances. Maria anticipated things that might concern me (like overstaying my 90 days) and told me clearly the consequences and ways we could avoid them.

She has a lot of initiative, knowledge, and local connections with immigration and tax services. She always responds quickly.

I wholeheartedly recommend Maria to anyone who needs her help."

Sarah King (Aug 03, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Inma and her team were very friendly and professional in helping me get NIE number.

I would highly recommend them and hope to do business with them in future."

Filip Dakovic (Aug 09, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Inma was a 'Godsend' in moving us through the minefield that is the process of residency applications...mine as a European citizen was fast and very easy, but my wife's application as a UK citizen was complex & very precise. However, with Inma's help & expertise it was completed.

Inma is knowledgable, efficient, helpful, approachable, speaks perfect English (with a slight Scottish twang:-) and has a wonderful sense of humour. We cannot recommend her highly enough & we will use her for all of our legal needs in Spain. Thank-you Inma"

Mark Hurst (Aug 18, 2022)
Client testimonials

"My wife and I are in the process of moving to Portugal, and thank goodness we found Tiago. He has been simply amazing, going above and beyond what anyone could expect from a lawyer.

Not only is he diligent, a great communicator and a consummate professional who really knows the law, but he is also kind, considerate and just an all round lovely person.

Thanks so much, we couldn't have done it without you."

Anthony Aarons (Sep 01, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Our Lawyer, Tiago has been outstanding in guiding and leading us throughout the entire Visa process and legal support in buying the property.

He is responsive, committed, friendly and goes above and beyond to get things done. We are fortunate to have him as our lawyer and a good friend in Portugal."

Roy Tharakan (Sep 05, 2022)
Client testimonials

"We are very grateful to Beatriz for helping us obtain permanent residency in Spain. It was a pleasure to work with her as she guided us through the entire residency process.
We highly recommend working with her and appreciate her professionalism and excellent communication with us."

Imogene Kluson (Sep 06, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Was happy with the service.

One improvement I would suggest: I received an email aimed at Americans which uses different terminology than the UK. So this could be addressed for future correspondence."

Lydia Payten (Sep 20, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Maria was very responsive and understanding. She answered all of my questions in great detail."

Laziza (Sep 20, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Advocate abroad were quick to reply to my messages and basically did what they said they would with no fuss."

Michael Fielden (Sep 27, 2022)
Client testimonials

"As well as being very professional, she was also friendly and helpful."

Barbara Taylor (Sep 27, 2022)
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Visas & Immigration Services

EU Citizen
Non-EU Citizen
Are you seeking a Visa/right to live in Germany?
Do you need a Fiscal/ID Number only for administrative purposes in Germany?
Are you currently living in Germany and require assistance with an immigration matter?
Do you need a Fiscal/ID Number only for administrative purposes in Germany?
Are you currently living in Germany and require assistance with an immigration matter?
Client testimonials

"Needed help with a legal question about my business and Inma was just what I needed. Trustworthy, informed and keen to help."

Chris Hobbs (Mar 08, 2018)
Client testimonials

"My lawyer was a very effective attorney. He listened to me and could give me good advice on what legal actions to pursue. He answered my questions regarding the case and explained details so I could understand better."

James Lassegard (Mar 31, 2020)
Client testimonials

"Teresa always got back to me. She never was negative, she told it like it was. She was in control but never controlling. Her fees were affordable.

She did things like getting our Nif, bank account was started by Her. She found some medical phone numbers that I needed. She was encouraging when I was down when getting my application for visa completed. We will definitely want more of her services when we move to beautiful Portugal.

We were happy to have her help. Sincerely Jimmie and Cheryl Weese."

Jimmie & Cheryl Weese (May 14, 2021)
Client testimonials

"We have been working with Advocate Abroad for a few years now and we are happy with our choice. They are professional and always explain any questions we have. Highly recommend!"

Julia K (Oct 12, 2021)
Client testimonials

"I have used Advocate Abroad Tax Services since moving to Europe and our accountant is very polite and professional....I fully trust him to provide me with a comprehensive and professional advice."

Barry Palmer (Oct 12, 2021)
Client testimonials

"Our accountant is a great advisor, responsive and professional. He worked hard to help me get registered professionally and continues to do a great job."

Hannah Longman (Oct 12, 2021)
Client testimonials

"My accountant is excellent and has consistently provided quality service to me since i became self-employed several years back."

David Cooney (Oct 12, 2021)
Client testimonials

"Our lawyer was very helpful - nothing was too much trouble for her. If I left a message she always got back to us within 24 hours. She is very professional, very kind. Would recommend her services to anyone."

Michael Bailey (Dec 13, 2021)
Client testimonials

"I am very satisfied with her support. She was really helpful. She spoke good English and helped me in the correct way."

Anshul Gupta (Dec 17, 2021)
Client testimonials

"Miguel is always timely and informative with advice of tax returns due, and replies promptly to requests for advice.

He is courteous and helpful. I am happy to have him as my advocate abroad for tax purposes."

David Roots (Jan 11, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Leonel is always very responsive and quick to jump on a call to help explain any questions I have.

He often goes the extra mile to provide assistance and has helped me to navigate the complicated Portuguese tax system, which has been extremely helpful."

Sam Gooch (Feb 14, 2022)
Client testimonials

"I have been working with Francisco for over 2 years. He is easy to reach very informative in all issues related to taxes in Spain for a foreigner.

Francisco is very professional and knowledgeable."

Dariusz Wiatrak (Feb 16, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Leonel was very helpful to me and I am very thankful."

Siamak Maleki (Feb 26, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Leonel understood my case quickly and helped me solve it in a professional way. In addition, I received tips and suggestions regarding my finances.

He is a very nice person and I will continue to consult him in the future."

Fernando Alvarado Jacobs (Feb 28, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Miguel was spot on he answered all my questions, explained me things I didn't even know to ask and was always punctual and even one step ahead always.
He is a true professional and I would recommend him to everyone."

Andre Posinski (Mar 24, 2022)
Client testimonials

"We find Miguel excellent in all of attributes and skills listed above. His communications with us and requests for information necessary to complete his brief are always timely and clear.

We appreciate his guidance to us in complying fully with Spanish law on relevant matters."

Michael Rhodes (Apr 11, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Very willing to offer advice slightly outside Miguel's remit... Capital gains tax in Spain and the UK, family opening an detail outlet and more."

Peter Leaper (Apr 11, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Miguel is super responsive, clear with his communication and always strives to be as helpful as possible."

Robert Gray (Apr 11, 2022)
Client testimonials

"I've put at least 3 people in contact with Miguel. He is a great accountant. And I would give him top marks for all the areas you evaluate them on."

Jackie Acres (Apr 13, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Miguel, understands completely the problems we are encountering with the Spanish Tax system, especially the dual tax situation concerning my Husbands Naval pension."

Susan Solman (Apr 14, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Miguel always responds swiftly and is able to provide clear and helpful advice.

I have been using Miguel's tax services for over 4 years and recommended him more than once and shall continue to do so."

Joanne Cadier (Apr 18, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Miguel provides an overall excellent service, very professional, and quickly responds to any queries.

I always receive information regarding my tax in plenty of time, so I never have any problems with the tax office.

He's very clear, and makes everything easy to understand. I recommend his services 100%."

Andy Docksey (Apr 20, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Super-responsive and totally professional!"

Robert Gray (May 02, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Miguel has shown a high level of professionalism and an impressive attention to detail in his explanations of my tax case.

He replies promptly and is proactive in finding and explaining solutions to problems. I recommend him and this service very highly. Thank you for all your work for me Miguel."

David (May 05, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Any communication I had with Miguel, either by phone or e-mail, was always met with a swift, courteous and professional response.

I have no hesitation in recommending him."

Suma Foad (May 06, 2022)
Client testimonials

"I am very happy with the help and service I have been receiving from Miguel regarding my tax information and setting up my freelancer documents.

I definitely recommend his services!"

Richard Adamczyk (May 13, 2022)
Client testimonials

"I have been really happy with the service I have received from Miguel. His advice on tax issues and completion of my tax demands has been excellent.

I would definitely recommend using his services."

Clive Lloyd (May 13, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Dealt with my query very professionally and efficiently. I would have no problem recommending Ilaria."

Enrico Frattaroli (May 25, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Excellent service. We needed to open a company in Turkey and have legal services. They quickly put us in contact with a lawyer in Turkey with great results."

Sergio De Suñer Beltrán (Jun 27, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Miguel has been excellent - really quick to respond and helpful."

Neil Tetley (Jun 27, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Álvaro was incredible to work with. His responsiveness was lightening fast, and he was extremely competent and helpful. Alvaro was also friendly, patient and explained things very thoroughly, so I understood what was happening throughout the process.

Alvaro was beyond professional and went above and beyond in his work. I was surprised by how reasonable his rates were, especially because he was so excellent.

I would definitely recommend Alvaro without hesitation. He is an asset to the company."

Mary Anne Smyth (Jul 14, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Ilaria took the time to discuss my options in detail, as well as recommending ones that I was not aware of. She is very knowledgeable in this area and extremely helpful."

Clinton James (Jul 20, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Very helpful, provided detailed explanations for all the questions I had"

Norman (Aug 01, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Denis was able, knew his stuff, and was punctual. I received answers to all the questions I posed."

Richard Perry (Aug 11, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Very responsive, solution orientated and professional."

Robert Gray (Sep 06, 2022)
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Business, Taxes & Accounting Services

Client testimonials

"My lawyer was helpful and knowledgeable. My problem was solved rapidly and effectively."

David Pratt (May 04, 2018)
Client testimonials

"I recently used Rosa and found her service excellent!"

Ian Bailey (May 31, 2015)
Client testimonials

"My lawyer has been excellent: extremely thorough, fluent English and always available which is essential when you are in a foreign country. A wealth of knowledge and experience!"

Colette Trout (Mar 28, 2019)
Client testimonials

"At every stage of our family case, our lawyer has been knowledgeable and thorough, very professional while remaining kind and supportive and ensured that we took the right steps for a positive outcome!"

Marion Brennan (Jun 29, 2019)
Client testimonials

"My lawyer was very helpful and went above and beyond to try to help me in my situation as I needed it to happen as fast as possible. Even whilst he was on holiday he was in touch and made things happen. would definitely recommend!"

Tina Shiels (Sep 06, 2019)
Client testimonials

"I had tried before and failed with a different lawyer. I’m so glad I reached out to Advocate Abroad and they recommended the right lawyer. I recommend him 100%."

Janekate (Sep 14, 2021)
Client testimonials

"Rosa was so very helpful with clarification and quick reply. She was always giving me advices to all stage of my Case, her English is perfect too. I would recommend her, particularly to people who don't speak Spanish."

Esperance Mukamugabo (Oct 01, 2021)
Client testimonials

"My lawyer has been helpful in guiding me through everything, taking his time to explain the process and I can't thank him enough."

Maggi Copping (Nov 18, 2021)
Client testimonials

"My lawyer was fantastic. She made a very difficult, painful and chaotic process very smooth and quick. I would highly recommend. Thank you!"

Josh Pears (Dec 10, 2021)
Client testimonials

"I found Rosa very easy to talk to and she explained all my options. She was very happy to explain all the legal terms that were unfamiliar to me.

I will definitely contact Rosa in the future and recommend her friends requiring an excellent lawyer."

Charlotte Painter (Feb 21, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Rosa was very efficient responding promptly to all my enquiries and made the whole process very Smooth. I could have asked for more in a lawyer. "

Natalie Hanton (Mar 07, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Kubra was extremely knowledgeable about Turkish law and my options as a dual Turkish/American citizen living abroad. I was blown away by how quickly she assessed my situation.

At every step along the way, she provided me with options for the next step. I never felt stuck or pressured to go in a certain direction. Costs were discussed in advance. They were very reasonable for the work performed.

I truly felt that I had someone on my side at every step along the way. Kubra is extremely friendly and very professional. I will definitely continue using her services for any other legal issue that I have to address in Turkey."

Cheryl Toksoz (Apr 28, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Michael was very approachable and happy to spend time on video conference calls to ensure all client requirements are understood.

Michael was very patient, especially when our case was very emotional, and stayed professional throughout."

Saul Piper (May 10, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Álvaro was very kind and professional. Also, extremely knowledgeable.

I wish we had come across him in the first instance and the outcome would have been completely different I think."

Sally-ann Hills (Jul 25, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Thank you for all your help, you were there and helped me within 2 hours.

And for continuing helping me with a very complicated case and always available for any questions or needs."

Anita Whitaker (Jul 25, 2022)
Client testimonials

"My lawyer Oscar has provided me with excellent advice and guidance on several occasions in mediation, divorce, and property issues.

He is knowledgeable, reliable and always quick to respond - I will not hesitate to turn to him in the future. I am happy to recommend his services."

Rita K (Jul 29, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Rosa was extremely prompt to reply to any queries or give timelines so we were aware of the whole process and what was expected of us when.

Very professional and courteous manner and made good suggestions to solve problems that came up to help them be resolved in a timely manner"

Cleo Castrillo Campbell (Aug 04, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Very helpful very fast response and very quick service - couldn't of asked for a better service!"

Andre (Sep 27, 2022)
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Client testimonials

"Our lawyer's knowledge of our particular problem was in depth and precise he listened carefully and gave us really sound and honest advice!"

Andy And Diane Heston (May 24, 2019)
Client testimonials

"Very prompt reply to my original email. Alvaro is extremely professional & understanding.

I would recommend Alvaro to anyone who needs legal help in Spain"

Dave Holmes (Jun 25, 2019)
Client testimonials

"A very professional and efficient service. I would certainly recommend her!"

Breda Mcmahon (Jun 25, 2019)
Client testimonials

"Very professional and a first class service at very short notice. Everything was under control in a short space of time!"

Jason Mcnabb (Jul 16, 2019)
Client testimonials

"My lawyer helped me through a tough situation where I was wrongly accused in a case of fraud. His advice, support and professionalism were outstanding!"

Elin Dahms Konig (Feb 28, 2020)
Client testimonials

"Erardo was patient, attentive, and tireless. He's is clever, diligent and his English is excellent.

He is affable and frank: two qualities that are essential in a good lawyer. I very much appreciate his help and advice during the case.

I don't hesitate to vouch for his professionalism."

John Grant (Oct 02, 2020)
Client testimonials

"My lawyer was excellent and helped me with an issue involving the local authorities. He is very helpful, professional and fully explained everything."

Ryan Wallace (Jan 05, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Hello. She was very professional and if I emailed she contacted me back immediately.

She was very helpful and I will use her services again in the future."

Eamonn Kiely (Feb 22, 2022)
Client testimonials

"I found Alvaro to be extremely professional and efficient. He was constantly in communication with me even during his personal time. He made me feel very comfortable and confident that my issue would be resolved. I thank him very much.

He is what can only be described as an excellent example of a lawyer."

Hanif Robbani (Mar 17, 2022)
Client testimonials


Jamie (Mar 24, 2022)
Client testimonials

"It’s been a very long nerve wrecking process but that’s for the court to get better at. Half the trauma for me has been the wait and not been able to move on. Very tough.

I appreciate Rosa very much in every respect."

Peter Eriksson (Apr 10, 2022)
Client testimonials

"I found him helpful and friendly. If I asked a question he responded immediately, so a great service.

The first contact as well with reception was good with the lady I spoke with being friendly and polite seemed as though she couldn't do enough to help me"

Steve Bancroft (Apr 28, 2022)
Client testimonials

"I received a service from Consuelo, she was very helpful and prompt. She came back to me quickly when I asked a question and I am satisfied over all with the service she provided."

Aaron Dolan (May 03, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Alvaro did an excellent job, I wished I’d used him for my divorce! I will definitely now only use him in future."

Sarah Dearing (Jun 29, 2022)
Client testimonials

"He has been answering my calls for many days and is extremely helpful!"

Sally-ann Hills (Jul 22, 2022)
Client testimonials

"This was quite the experience that an expatriate who does not speak the language needs – which made me feel less of a stranger and more like at home.

Maria explained the process and procedure with clarity, and she always kept me well-informed till I got through this eventually.

Thank you, Maria, for the great work and I wish you best of luck and success in your professional endeavors."

Ali (Jul 25, 2022)
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Criminal Law

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Drugs Offences
Other Criminal Offences
Have you been the victim of a crime?
Criminal Offences resulting in personal injury or physical damage
Client testimonials

"Miguel was helpful and kind. We will use his service in the future."

Cheryl (May 28, 2018)
Client testimonials

"Meeting and appointing my lawyer from Advocate Abroad was like a breath of fresh air. Having used several other lawyers without any success whatsoever, she stepped in to a complicated case in its 7th year and turned it around almost overnight..."

Terry Mott (Jan 05, 2019)
Client testimonials

"It is very difficult to find a good lawyer and this law firm has set the standard very high! I sent them an email and within an hour someone called me. No waiting, no bs, straight to the point!"

Don Sierra (May 28, 2019)
Client testimonials

"When I rang Advocate Abroad I was immediately put in touch with the right solicitor. He dealt with the matter efficiently with regular updates and I knew we would get the problem sorted."

Brenda Ann Tillson Phillips (May 31, 2019)
Client testimonials

"Our lawyer from Advocate Abroad delivered a great service - very professional! I would definitely use him again and recommend him to anyone looking for a good lawyer."

Andrew Bale (Jul 17, 2020)
Client testimonials

"My lawyer from Advocate Abroad was completely professional from the first contact all the way through to the end of the service."

Stuart Denison (Oct 19, 2021)
Client testimonials

"I was helped by the lawyer assigned to me, who I found to be very efficient and professional!"

Bouchra Roxane Daoudi (Jan 25, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Very helpful advice with clear explanation of the correct course of action."

Stephen North (Feb 15, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Brilliant communication, really helpful, approachable, solved my problem and professional.
Would use Inma always!"

Noreen Murphy (Feb 22, 2022)
Client testimonials

"My lawyer was very responsive and a great help!"

Graham O’donnell (Feb 25, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Amazing service. Would recommend to everyone."

Noreen Murphy (Mar 18, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Alvaro goes over and beyond and I would work with him again and again! He is so responsive and willing to help that I believe the value for the money is perfect.

Thank you Alvaro!"

Mike (Mar 21, 2022)
Client testimonials


Thomas Ferguson Brown (Mar 21, 2022)
Client testimonials

"I was reluctant to work completely remote like this but Alvaro was incredibly responsive, re-assuring, delivers and is all around a friendly professional.

I will be working with this team again!"

Mike Papetti (Mar 22, 2022)
Client testimonials


Joshua Ferguson (Mar 25, 2022)
Client testimonials

"He is excellent at what he does, I really appreciated the opportunity of remote services. He gave answers to all my questions and helped to solve my problem."

Patricija Paula Gravele (Apr 01, 2022)
Client testimonials

"He was very professional and polite."

Natacha Morhaim (Apr 08, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Very helpful to me , did everything I asked her to do ! Amazing. Would highly recommend!!!"

Naomi Mcinerney (Apr 14, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Rosa contacted me the very next working day and was so helpful. Had my matter that i'd been so worried about resolved in a couple of days. Thank you!"

Katie O'brien (Apr 21, 2022)
Client testimonials

"The most professional service for certification. Recommended for everyone to work with her"

Gal (Apr 21, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Exceptionally happy and satisfied with the service provided, after a while of trying to find the right company to help with my situation, Advocate Abroad exceeded my expectations in regard to their professionalism, ability to understand and explain and provide appropriate solutions, responsive and approachable.

Exceptional customer service and great value for money!"

Emma Fraser (Apr 25, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Very responsive, efficient, patient when there were postal issues delivering documents."

Cari Romans (May 06, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Rafael was very helpful and professional. He was able to help resolve my issue very quickly. He is highly recommend."

Jason Naufel (May 12, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Raffaele was very courteous and result-oriented, handled the case with high professionalism"

Veronika Glushkova (May 17, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Rosa was always timely and extremely thorough with her responses, which I really appreciated.

It was easy going through the process with her, and she made the whole process stress-free."

Alexandra Thorsen (May 26, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Completed in 10 days. Brilliant service!!"

Johannes Tieman (May 27, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Joanna was great. She was responsive and knew exactly what needed to be done for our case. She gave us a lot of good information"

As (Jun 21, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Very helpful advice with clear explanation of the correct course of action."

Stephen Bricolman (Jun 27, 2022)
Client testimonials

"I needed my Criminal Record from Spain for my Canadian PR so I got in contact with them through their website and then Rafaelle got in touch with me. He was awesome.

Followed up with me, very clear with the requirements very professional and very fast service. I HIGHLY recommend!!!"

Hind Dabboussi (Jun 27, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Maria was fantastic from start to finish during this process and I can't recommend her highly enough.

Maria quickly ascertained what the issue was and how best to resolve it, and within just over a week from our first engagement she had dealt with my legal concerns and given me some long overdue peace of mind."

James Welch (Jun 27, 2022)
Client testimonials

"I worked with Rosa on obtaining a background check from Spain, and she could not have been more helpful.

There was several delays on my end, and she was nothing but patient and kind during the entire process. I would highly recommend working with her!"

Ali Metcalf (Jun 30, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Inma helped me recently and went out of her way to make everything easier for me by coming to me as I struggle to walk & don't have a car.

If you need help, I highly recommend contacting her. Thank you again."

Nev & Kris Jackson (Jul 19, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Quick to respond and always in a professional manner with the correct information."

Boris (Jul 21, 2022)
Client testimonials

"I found Rosa extremely helpful & courteous & listened to me & she was very clear about what she could and could not help me with.

Her response time & service was excellent & all done at a very reasonable & fair cost. The legal profession here in Ireland could learn a lot from you and the value for money service that I received from Rosa in such an empathic & professional manner.

Rosa was a great to deal with!"

Geraldine Tighe (Jul 29, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Maria was so very helpful to me, she updated me every single step she made, I'm gonna recommend her to my friends 😉😉"

Ryan Limbo (Jul 30, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Angela was helpful and caring right from the start. My case was with the British Consulate in Malaga and Angela didn't flinch knowing how difficult if not impossible to deal with a government organisation.

Angela had supported me mentally as well because of the way I was being treated, and I wasn't mentally capable of making any decision for myself. She guided me to have the confidence to face the challenge ahead, and we finished the case with the compensation and result that I wanted.

I will not hesitate to recommend Angela's service to anyone. Thank you Angela, I am grateful for your help and support. Kind regard, Jean"

Jean Lai Chan (Jul 31, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Excellent communication and spoke perfect English. She explained the process very well. Very reasonably priced.

Rosa was extremely helpful and responded to every email very promptly. Would highly recommend Rosa to anyone, she sorted out my issue very quickly."

Mark (Aug 05, 2022)
Client testimonials

"I would like to express my opinion about Inma.  She is very helpful , understanding and had excellent communication with me during the process

I would like to thank her sooo much as I am very happy and satisfied with her way of sorting out the issue we approached her for

I will recommend her to everyone who needs any lawyer in Spain.

Thus, massive thanks for her great help and support."

Magham Abbass (Aug 09, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Joanna responded quickly to my enquiry and knew all the information needed to assist.

She was extremely professional, explained everything that would be required, the steps to be taken and gave a timeframe for the work which was met.

She was proactive and chased matters without any prompting from me. Excellent value for money. Highly recommended!"

Fiona Lingard (Aug 11, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Fast response, super polite, I got just the info i needed and Sarunas explained in a good way and really knows his facts"

Elin Stensdotter (Aug 17, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Maria responded immediately to my needs and was able to provide instant solutions. Her knowledge of English is faultless and her explanations clear and accurate. She is approachable and answers any query or concern without delay. Her professionalism is perfect.

I would not hesitate in recommending Maria to anyone since she provides an outstanding service!"

Steve Murphy (Aug 26, 2022)
Client testimonials

"I experienced nothing but the highest levels of professionalism and responsiveness from Dilruba.

She was always extremely knowledgeable, calm and very responsive. She has excellent communication skills and get things done quickly. I'm very grateful for all the help she gave me and would recommend her very highly."

Michael Cathie (Sep 08, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Dilruba was very upfront and clear about what steps needed to be done and how to complete them."

Jeanette Kutach (Sep 08, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Claudia was very helpful in dealing with my queries of dealing with receiving inheritance and drafting POA's for my brother. She invested a lot of additional time trying to understand the needs of the banks in drafting the POA that is needed to show the different banks.

I would definitely use Claudia again for other Portuguese law related matters."

Odete Lauritzson (Sep 20, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Very clear and fast process!"

Denisa Dlask (Sep 28, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Federico was responsive. He was knowledgeable with regard to my situation and provided me with the appropriate solution."

Rowena Romulo (Sep 28, 2022)
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Client testimonials

"We were looking for advice on commercial property law and had a very quick and clear reply."

Miguel And Christine Gonzalez Lopez (Sep 21, 2020)
Client testimonials

"My lawyer was most helpful and polite and he did a first class job. I would highly recommend this Company for any legal issues..."

Michael Whitty (Nov 29, 2021)
Client testimonials

"Although I did not proceed with the claim, my case was thoroughly examined and I was advised throughout in a professional and sympathetic manner."

Peter Blow (Jan 18, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Excellent service, very quick to explain all procedures and possible outcomes. Once our lawyer began she was extremely professional and thorough with clear communication at every stage. The problem was dealt with in a very short time, I could not ask for better or more professional service."

Malcolm Shaw (Mar 07, 2022)
Client testimonials

"I will absolutely use Alvaro for all of my legal needs in Spain. He is very knowledgeable and helpful with a very broad law experience."

Gina Miller (Mar 24, 2022)
Client testimonials


Laura Shaw (Mar 31, 2022)
Client testimonials

"She was extremely quick at getting back to me answering questions or giving advice.

She was very approachable and very knowledgeable and explained what was/was not within the Law and how to move forward.

I was extremely stressed with my particular situation, but I found her very reassuring."

Georgina Bousfield (Apr 25, 2022)
Client testimonials

"The Spanish court system has been slow, but Mr. Gracia has successfully pursued my case for about three years now and has won a judgement in my favor. We still have uncertainty as to the final outcome given that the judgement is in the appeal period, and we still need to collect the funds owed to me.

So far I have been very satisfied with Mr. Gracia's work."

Boris Kogut (May 12, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Rafael was very professional in all aspects, he was very polite and understanding and would ensure that you knew all the facts concerning the Spanish legal system.

With his guidance and advice, my particular case had a good conclusion. I was very surprised that the cost of his council was very reasonable and economical considering his experience and knowledge as a lawyer.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any future clients. Thank You, Rafael"

Patrick Mcgrail (Jun 17, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Our lawyer, Inma did a great job with helping us solve a purchase we made with a dishonest car dealer in Spain.

She was very honest with us from the start, always responded on time, and dealt with a very difficult character on the other party and managed to close the case with success.

We highly recommend this service!"

Anna Wadolowska (Jun 27, 2022)
Client testimonials

"Maja did a great job for us handling a difficult service provider. Her approach was appropriately aggressive and achieved the result needed.

Communications were excellent and timely. Highly recommended. We are very grateful for her help."

Paul Andrews (Jul 20, 2022)
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