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Anastasia, Lawyer in Thessaloniki...
Having been internationally trained in Law, International Organizations and European Studies, she has the comparative advantage to have worked for law firms, UN-agencies, the Greek State and NGOs, thus building the ability to effectively analyse, interpret and implement a wide set of rules and regulations. She practises in foreign investments, real estate transactions, contract law, corporate law, immigration and nationality law, family law, inheritance law, debt recovery and licensing.
Anastasia did a fantastic job helping us settle a matter with a greedy, dishonest landlord. She was very honest with us from the start, always responded on time, and dealt with a very difficult character on the other party and managed to close the case with success. We are grateful for his dedication and excellent service. Thank you one more time, Anastasia!
Sebastian Nistor
Sebastian Nistor
28 Jun 2022
Speaks languages Speaks GreekSpeaks EnglishSpeaks French

Looking for reliable Lawyers in Greece?

If you're an expat needing legal advice in Greece, our English-speaking lawyers are well-versed in both Greek and international law. While dealing with foreign laws can often be convoluted and taxing, our Greek lawyers will be happy to explain the legal processes you need to undertake, removing a lot of the stress typically involved.

We deliver a range of legal services that expats frequently require support with, including guidance with:

  • Buying and selling of property,
  • Wills & Probate,
  • Immigration procedures,
  • Family law matters,
  • Criminal law affairs,
  • Administrative law,

Beyond strict legal matters, our lawyers are also equipped to assist expats in managing taxes, and founding a business in Greece.

Our dedicated Lawyers in Greece are resolved to ensuring you understand the legal process and that all the paperwork is handled precisely - so you don’t have to navigate through the legendary Greek bureaucracy.

Our lawyers are committed to offering clear, direct legal advice and assistance. 

We are just a phone call away to assist you with your legal requirements, ensuring you can face any legal issue in Greece with confidence and clarity!

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Buying, Selling & Dealing with Property in Greece

The lawyer went over and above what she was obliged to do. Extremely honest and I was able to complete the purchase easily with her!

Kleitos Efstratiou (16 Feb 2023)

Visas & Immigration Services

We are very satisfied with Maria's services. She did not hesitate to help us even when we were fighting against time, she always looked for solutions and responded promptly to our requests. We recommend her from the bottom of our hearts, and we thank her again for everything she has done for u ... [read more]

Christine Meyer K. (01 Sep 2023)

Business Law & Accounting Services

Joanna did an outstanding job and completed the project on time. She is multilingual and has excellent communication skills. Great legal work based on the initially discussed objectives and deliverables. She is also pleasant to work with, and a great listener aimed at achieving the best possible o ... [read more]

Tasos (05 Jun 2019)

Probate Law: Wills & Inheritance

Francisca is the uber professional! She was consistently calm yet friendly— even though the notary had cancelled twice and had a long waiting time.

Suzanne P (04 Dec 2023)
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Family Law

Maria was quick to respond she was very helpful and to the point providing me with the necessary informations.

Anna Nestoroudi (07 Feb 2023)
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Criminal Law

G o o g l e Review

Very pleased with the service. Thanks, Craig.

Craig Coombe (19 Jan 2024)

Administrative & Employment Matters

Despina replied promptly by telephone to my initial enquiry and reassured me that she could help me to obtain a duplicate Greek marriage certificate and translate it into English. She kept me updated throughout the process and was quick to reply to my questions. The service provided was good value ... [read more]

John Hyde (20 Oct 2023)

Litigation & General Claims

G o o g l e Review

Raffaele was an excellent advocate, he listened to my concerns, clarified my legal position and helped to resolve a difficult situation. I highly recommend his services and I am very grateful for his swift and effective help.

Katherine Mayne (16 Jan 2024)

Tax Returns & Fiscal Services

ilaria provided guidance with a complex problem.

John Simeone (10 Jul 2023)

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