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Cezara, Lawyer in Bucharest...
Cezara is a consultancy lawyer with valuable expertise gained in a reputable international environment. Providing day to day advice on all the legal issues concerning the functioning of a company and carrying on its commercial activity, assistance on specific commercial operations and contracts, as well as on complex transactions involving assets / shares acquisitions, due diligence, financing, restructuring. Assisting domestic and international clients and a member of the Bucharest Bar since January 2006.
Swift delivery of documents via online, save time, quality of service and good channel of commuication
Nana Osei Agyemang
Nana Osei Agyemang
22 Jun 2023
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Looking for reliable Lawyers in Romania?

Looking for lawyers in Romania?

Our Romanian lawyers are at your service, particularly if you're an expat in need of legal guidance. Our English-speaking lawyers are skilled in Romanian and international law. We understand that navigating foreign laws can be complex and overwhelming. That’s why we are here to simplify the process.

We extend a range of legal services that expats often require help with. This encompasses aid with:

  • Buying, selling or inheriting real estate,
  • administrative and employment law,
  • litigation.

Besides legal matters, our lawyers are also capable of assisting expats in handling taxes, and establishing a business in Romania. 

Our lawyers in Romania are committed to making sure you understand the legal procedure and that all documentation is managed accurately - so you don’t have to deal with Romanian bureaucracy.

With a deep understanding of the legal obstacles expats encounter, we are dedicated to offering clear, uncomplicated legal advice and support. 

Our English-speaking lawyers in Romania are merely a call away to assist you with your legal needs, ensuring you can confront any legal issue in Romania with confidence and the correct support!

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