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William Burnside
William Burnside
14 Apr 2024

Criminal Law

Should anyone find themselves being detained by Spanish police, there is frankly no substitute to having an English-speaking criminal lawyer in Spain assist and represent you.

Being arrested in any country is a stressful experience, however in a foreign country where you may not understand what is being said to you, it is more difficult still.

An experienced English-speaking criminal lawyer in Spain will help anyone who has been arrested overcome language barriers and ensure clear communication during legal proceedings. They can explain the Spanish legal process, keeping you and your family informed throughout. 

An English-speaking lawyer can also better understand your situation, providing tailored advice and potentially negotiating with prosecutors to reduce penalties. 

Criminal Law
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Arrested in Spain? Emergency numbers English-speaking Lawyers

Giving a Statement if Arrested in SpainHave you received news that your son/brother (or any other close relative) has been arrested in Spain?  There are a number of factors that can make this stressful situation even more complex:The main one - you do not understand the language.Your close relative / the person who contacts you... Read More

Can I go back to Spain after being arrested?

Minor CrimesWhen a person is arrested in Spain for the commission of a minor crime, they do not need a lawyer. In these cases, being assisted by a lawyer is not mandatory, it is optional, although it is always recommended when a foreigner is involved. Therefore, you do not have the right to a public defender (unless you expressl... Read More

Penalties for Assault in Spain

If you have been arrested in Spain for carrying out an assault on another person, it can be very useful to understand how the Criminal Justice system in Spain works in general, and the penalties for assault in particular. Let's start at the beginning.What is assault in Spanish law?Under the Spanish Penal Code, the offence of ass... Read More

Drink Driving in Spain: Margins of Error in Breathalyser Tests

Driving under the influence of alcohol – or drugs - has serious consequences, and it could also constitute a criminal offence in certain cases. Under Spanish drink-driving laws, criminal proceedings may follow in two cases, according to the Spanish Criminal law:In all cases when the breathalyser test rate exceeds 0.60 milligra... Read More

Extradition in Spain - Defence Strategies

 An individual may be arrested in Spain, not because of any local problems with the Spanish police, but as a result of requests from other countries that wish to initiate extradition proceedings.It is for example quite common for British nationals who have left the UK because of problems with the law to be arrested in Spain at... Read More

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