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Cansu, Lawyer in Aydin...
Cansu and colleagues provide legal consultancy services to domestic and foreign individuals, companies, institutions and foundations in the fields of private law and public law and in many different sectors. Their services are provided in both Turkish and English, operates with client-oriented and international perspective based on the principal of proficiency, efficiency and accessibility.
Cansu helped me with a supplier issue in Izmir. She communicated directly with the supplier and explained to me my various options, both legal and otherwise. She is professional and advised me on the appropriate course of action to take.
Siobhan Dunphy
Siobhan Dunphy
28 Nov 2023
27 completed cases
Speaks languages Speaks TurkishSpeaks English

Looking for reliable Lawyers in Turkey?

Need reliable, trustworthy lawyers in Turkey?

Our Turkish lawyers are here to help, especially if you're an expat in need of legal counsel. Our English-speaking lawyers are experts in Turkish and international law. We appreciate that dealing with foreign law firms can be complex and unnerving. That's why we’re here to make the journey smooth and hassle-free!

We offer a range of legal services that expats typically need help with. This comprises assistance with:

  • Buying, selling or inheriting property,
  • Immigration procedures,
  • Family law topics,
  • Criminal law cases,
  • Administrative and Employment law,
  • Commercial Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Litigation.

Besides purely legal matters, our English-speaking attorneys are also capable of aiding expats in handling taxes, and initiating a business in Turkey.

Our dedicated Turkish lawyers are committed to ensuring you grasp the legal procedure and that all the paperwork is sorted correctly - so you don't have to struggle with Turkish bureaucracy.

With a keen understanding of the legal challenges expats encounter, we're dedicated to providing clear, straightforward legal advice and support. Our recommended lawyers in Turkey are merely a call away to help you with your legal needs, ensuring you can tackle any legal challenge in Turkey with confidence and the right support!

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